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Clergy Surplice - Pattern Update

Clergy Surplice Patterns - Angels with Vestments for Blessings
Angels with Vestments for Blessings


For the past several months there has been a lingering Ecclesiastical Sewing Project simmering away on a back burner.  Actually, rather than simmering away, the project had turned as cold as a winter’s day in Minnesota, while other projects moved to the forefront of the framing and stitching process. But it was time to take a break from the fury of hand embroidery and get the sewing machines dusted off. The beauty of Ecclesiastical Sewing is being able to do the lovely hand work, pattern drafting, designing, and the sewing.  They are all enjoyable, requiring differing skills. Some skills are a little rusty, but it is nice to make use of them again. Frequent practice works wonders.

Church and Clergy Surplices - Definition and Project Background

Having a long weekend available was the prefect time to move that neglected, but not forgotten clergy surplice project back on track. The project goal is the making of a square yoke surplice pattern, graded to multiple sizes.

This past weekend was spent working on some new patterns for the surplice.  The basic vestment pattern is now complete, and there are several variations still waiting to be tackled and tested.

First sample garment for square yoke clergy surplice
First sample garment for square yoke surplice

One clergy surplice sample garment is complete, and several more will be worked in different fabrics.  Then it is time to spec the sizes and double-check accuracy of the pattern.  Once all of that is complete, the surplice pattern can be graded into sizes.  There is a long way to go before this becomes a final set of Ecclesiastical Vestment Patterns, but after this weekend’s work, it is much closer to a finished project for this stage. There are several other stages waiting in the wings.

While work continues on current projects, it is time to start thinking about a few things that need to be completed prior to the beginning of Ash Wednesday and the Lenten Season.  I’ll give you an update on those projects soon.

Solo Dei Gloria

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