Blessed Virgin Mary Monogram and Stoles

It rained today. It was as if the heavens shared our sorrow and cried tears of their own. Today a dear friend was laid in her eternal rest to await… Read more Blessed Virgin Mary Monogram and Stoles

Top 5 Pastor Stole Finishing Touches

  We love details and when making pastor or priest stoles in the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom, there are always a few last minute details to stitch up prior completing that… Read more Top 5 Pastor Stole Finishing Touches

Adding Fringe Trim to a Pulpit Fall or Superfrontal

We have four sets of Trinity Altar hangings in the Ecclesiastical Sewing Studios at the moment. Several of those sets are complete and ready to ship while others are just… Read more Adding Fringe Trim to a Pulpit Fall or Superfrontal

Ordination and Installation of Clergy

It is that time of year. Winter has passed to the dim recesses of our memory, and the earth is awakening with a profusion of blossoms. The unexpected beauty of… Read more Ordination and Installation of Clergy

Opus Anglicanum: Medieval Embroidery

I was recently in Williamsburg taking a little break from the Ecclesiastical Sewing Studios. I was enjoying taking some hand embroidery classes. The instructor and I were visiting about many things, including one of my favorite topics –  historical embroidery and the restoration work that is done at Hampton Court Palace. One of the topics on historical embroidery that we discussed was Opus Anglicanum embroidery. A few years ago, the Victoria and Albert Museum had a major exhibit on Opus Anglicanum and sadly, I missed the event. I had to… Read more Opus Anglicanum: Medieval Embroidery
May 28, 2018 by Carrie R

Vestment making Classes

It’s a story we hear so often – “Our church is too small to afford vestments and altar hangings.” Churches often get stuck in the mentatity that being small means… Read more Vestment making Classes

Luther Rose Brocade – Something Special

As a designer, I love to create. Creating something can take on many forms. It can be creating a vestment from scratch or creating a design for a vestment. It… Read more Luther Rose Brocade – Something Special

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