The Massachusetts Historical Society Exhibit

Once in a while we like to share information that relates to historical sewing techniques, and hand embroidery. Today we would like to share something that, while not specifically related to church vestment making, it is none the less related to preserving and recovering lost arts relating to hand embroidery. The techniques and skills are important to preserve so that we may all grow in our knowledge and skill in the field. An email came in today about a special Kickstarter Campaign in the works by the Massachusetts Historical Society.… Read more The Massachusetts Historical Society Exhibit

The Rose of the Lutherans

  On Sunday, the Protestant Church remembers the death of one of her most beloved Saints. Martin Luther died February 18th, 1546. I have been interested in flowers and greenery lately—probably preparing my garden in my mind in preparation for springtime. In honor of Martin Luther, I want to discuss his rose.  The symbol of the Reformation and of Martin Luther is a beautiful rose: The Luther Rose. It is a complex summary, with much thought put into it. This seal/symbol was designed by Luther and is the essence of… Read more The Rose of the Lutherans

Virgin and Child Goldwork Embroidery Design

Vestment making is a joy  – at least for me. I can no longer imagine life without making church vestments. Starting and running a small business is hard work. There… Read more Virgin and Child Goldwork Embroidery Design

February 2nd, 2018

A blessed feast day to y’all! At Ecclesiastical Sewing, we love every aspect of Church beautification: whether that is Church art or paraments…So let’s talk about what the 2nd of February is and some art that goes along with this blessed day! Today the Church celebrates the Purification of Mary and the Presentation of Jesus. This event honors and fulfills the requirements from the Old Testament. The Law commanded that every mother should be cleansed from the experience of child birth. The life of every first born child belonged to the… Read more February 2nd, 2018

Something Special: White and Gold Religious Fabrics

A few days ago we shared some information about a collection of special purchased black fabrics* that are available for this season of Lent and Good Friday. We are pleased… Read more Something Special: White and Gold Religious Fabrics

Something Special For Lent and Good Friday: Black Vestment Fabrics

At Ecclesiastical Sewing, we specialize in offering a wide range of Liturgical Fabrics ranging from Brocades to Tapestries. Most of our fabrics are patterns and designs that have been around… Read more Something Special For Lent and Good Friday: Black Vestment Fabrics

New Rose Pastoral Chasuble and Stole

It has been a pleasantly busy fall in the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom. We have transitioned from sewing a steady stream of red to sewing the colors of the church year.… Read more New Rose Pastoral Chasuble and Stole

Dainty Liturgical Fabrics? How Will They Look!

Liturgical Fabrics are fabrics specially woven for use in making church vestments. Some of you may be familiar with Liturgical Fabrics and for others, this may be new territory. Liturgical… Read more Dainty Liturgical Fabrics? How Will They Look!

Forgotten Altars? Take Another Look!

Christmas is a busy time of year for many of us. There are extra services at church, the children’s programs, entertaining and gatherings with family and friends. Sometimes it seems… Read more Forgotten Altars? Take Another Look!

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