ISH Lenten Hand Embroidery Design

With the season of Lent soon beginning, a few new Ecclesiastical Hand Embroidery Designs have been cropping up in the workroom.  It is fun to take some of beautiful old… Read more ISH Lenten Hand Embroidery Design

Trash or Treasure?

When you look at the above illustration, what do you see? Is this something for the trash heap, torn and mutilated as it is, or is this a rare and… Read more Trash or Treasure?

Updating Pattern Drafting Tools

There is nothing like having the correct tools for getting a job done. Ecclesiastical Sewing is no exception.  When it comes to making Ecclesiastical Vestment Patterns and drafting Ecclesiastical Embroidery… Read more Updating Pattern Drafting Tools

Chalice Veil Design from Althea Wiel

The use of symbolism in Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designs has a long and rich history. It goes back to the first books of the Bible and the instructions given to Moses and… Read more Chalice Veil Design from Althea Wiel

Results of Organization Weekend

It was a long-awaited 4-day weekend. I had envisioned the weekend spent working on Ecclesiastical Sewing projects and continuing on several Ecclesiastical Embroidery projects that are underway, including some much-needed… Read more Results of Organization Weekend

The Never Ending Quest for Ecclesiastical Designs

Years ago, while still in college, when I made my very first Church vestment – a pastoral stole. The only available Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design resource available was a vestment catalog.  It had… Read more The Never Ending Quest for Ecclesiastical Designs
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