Evangelist Stole for Easter Quick Ship

Last week, we introduced our Quick Ship vestments. These are items where customers have requested that we have certain styles available for those last-minute needs. These are also items that… Read more Evangelist Stole for Easter Quick Ship

Ways to Honor Soon to be Ordained Pastors and Priests

Deacons and Seminarians spend years in school preparing for their roles as future pastors or priests. There are the usual years of undergraduate work and then it is on to… Read more Ways to Honor Soon to be Ordained Pastors and Priests

The Church Year is a Pageant

The Church Year is an ongoing Pageant How do you view the church year? Have you ever thought of the church year as a pageant – not the kind of… Read more The Church Year is a Pageant

Sacristy Check List: 10 Things to Review for Fall

  As many parishioners return to their home churches after the summer months of travel and activities, fall is a perfect time to check the condition of vestments, altar linens, altar… Read more Sacristy Check List: 10 Things to Review for Fall

What is a Tippet? Clergy Tippet Modern Use & Historical Background

What is a tippet? A great question you may ask. For some, the answer has to do with fishing. We won’t look at the definition today as our focus at… Read more What is a Tippet?

Blessed Virgin Mary Monogram and Stoles

It rained today. It was as if the heavens shared our sorrow and cried tears of their own. Today a dear friend was laid in her eternal rest to await… Read more Blessed Virgin Mary Monogram and Stoles

Ordination and Installation of Clergy

It is that time of year. Winter has passed to the dim recesses of our memory, and the earth is awakening with a profusion of blossoms. The unexpected beauty of… Read more Ordination and Installation of Clergy

St. Luke – The Evangelist Collection of Church Vestments

The calendar says it is Spring but the seasonal change is still a long way off for Northern Minnesota.  After the long grey days of winter pass, one often longs… Read more St. Luke – The Evangelist Collection of Church Vestments
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