Whitework Embroidery for Church Linens

Whitework embroidery – there is something about the simplicity, and seeing one color used for an embroidery design on altar linens. There is an elegance that is difficult to describe;… Read more Whitework Embroidery for Church Linens

ISH Lenten Hand Embroidery Design

With the season of Lent soon beginning, a few new Ecclesiastical Hand Embroidery Designs have been cropping up in the workroom.  It is fun to take some of beautiful old… Read more ISH Lenten Hand Embroidery Design

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead on Ecclesiastical Sewing Projects has never been a strong point. While others may plan out every detail down to the last thread, trim, and stitch, that has never worked… Read more Planning Ahead

False Starts and New Beginnings

It often does not take long to realize when a battle ensues and there will be no winning.  So it goes sometimes when a new Ecclesiastical Embroidery Projects first starts.… Read more False Starts and New Beginnings

A Simple Design Framed Up

It is so rewarding to feel like something was accomplished at the end of a weekend, especially when the weekend started off feeling like nothing was getting done.  Sometimes weekends are… Read more A Simple Design Framed Up

Green and Gold Braid

Today has been “a lining things up” type of day. Nothing much got done in the way of specific, actual, or measurable progress on any one of Ecclesiastical Sewing or Ecclesiastical Embroidery project. Some days that is disappointing. But on other days, that can be a good thing. Let me explain. Today could be summed up as a day that felt like nothing got done. There was no time to stitch, no time to sew, no time to draw any new Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designs, or hand embroidery designs. There was… Read more Green and Gold Braid
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