New Acquisition: Vintage Vestment Book Treasure

This week marked the return of some favorite things to the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom, as well as my return to the new work space.  Many things are in their new places, but there are a great many items in need of a place to call home. With sub-zero temperatures, some of the item must remain in their frozen storage space to await more temperate conditions for sorting and retrieval. With only half of my tools, and equipment available and half still MIA (missing in action), it is a challenge to… Read more New Acquisition: Vintage Vestment Book Treasure

A Fun Experiment with Machine Embroidery

I am amazed at the wide variety of possibilities available to enhance Ecclesiastical Sewing. My all time favorite method of embellishment for Ecclesiastical Sewing is of course hand embroidery with… Read more A Fun Experiment with Machine Embroidery
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