Liturgical Embroidery Designs Phase 2

Summer is so shorted lived in Minnesota. It is hard to be inside working on the Liturgical Embroidery Designs when the sky is sunny, and the evenings are pleasant.  Of… Read more Liturgical Embroidery Designs Phase 2

Easter Sunrise Hand Embroidery Design

February has arrived and the days are still bleak and sunless in Northern Minnesota. Now that year-end has wrapped up, it is time to get back to work on Ecclesiastical… Read more Easter Sunrise Hand Embroidery Design

Preparing the Advent Pulpit Fall Design

Time is slipping away, and the Advent Pulpit Fall needs to get started.  The Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design selected for the Pulpit Fall will be a combination of applique and couching stitches. (At least that is the plan for now). To aid with the placement of the applique pieces, I decided to transfer the Ecclesiastical Design to the Silk Dupioni using the prick and pounce method of design transfer.  When I first learned about this technique for transferring an embroidery design, it took a year, maybe longer than that, before I took the… Read more Preparing the Advent Pulpit Fall Design

False Starts and New Beginnings

It often does not take long to realize when a battle ensues and there will be no winning.  So it goes sometimes when a new Ecclesiastical Embroidery Projects first starts.… Read more False Starts and New Beginnings

Ecclesiastical Vestment Pattern Making

There has been a lot of talk about Ecclesiastical Embroidery here on Ecclesiastical Sewing. For today, it is time to turn my attention to the actual sewing part of Ecclesiastical… Read more Ecclesiastical Vestment Pattern Making
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