Custom Crafted Ordination Stoles for Pastors

Graduation season will soon be upon us. As seminarians prepare for their upcoming ordination celebrations, we hope you will keep them in your prayers. Ordination and being installed as the… Read more Custom Crafted Ordination Stoles for Pastors

Ways to Honor Soon to be Ordained Pastors and Priests

Deacons and Seminarians spend years in school preparing for their roles as future pastors or priests. There are the usual years of undergraduate work and then it is on to… Read more Ways to Honor Soon to be Ordained Pastors and Priests

Ordination and Installation of Clergy

It is that time of year. Winter has passed to the dim recesses of our memory, and the earth is awakening with a profusion of blossoms. The unexpected beauty of… Read more Ordination and Installation of Clergy
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