Testing Colors on the Pulpit Fall

It is time to test out a few colors on the Easter Set Pulpit Fall.  A few other major projects have been claiming my time on Ecclesiastical Sewing, but the Easter… Read more Testing Colors on the Pulpit Fall

Green and Gold Braid

Today has been “a lining things up” type of day. Nothing much got done in the way of specific, actual, or measurable progress on any one of Ecclesiastical Sewing or Ecclesiastical Embroidery project. Some days that is disappointing. But on other days, that can be a good thing. Let me explain. Today could be summed up as a day that felt like nothing got done. There was no time to stitch, no time to sew, no time to draw any new Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designs, or hand embroidery designs. There was… Read more Green and Gold Braid
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