Ideas for Reusing Older Vestment Pieces

Old vestments are often found in the dark recesses of sacristy drawers, and the question may arise as to what might be done with old stoles and other church vestment… Read more Ideas for Reusing Older Vestment Pieces

Priest or Pastor Stoles: The Tricky Parts

For those of us who love Ecclesiastical Sewing and Vestment Making, there is always that one part of any project that is the “tricky” part.  With altar frontals, it is… Read more Priest or Pastor Stoles: The Tricky Parts

Ecclesiastical Pattern Cataloging

A few months ago, several posts were shared regarding some vintage Ecclesiastical Hand Embroidery Patterns.  The hope at the time was to discover some hidden source of rare and beautiful… Read more Ecclesiastical Pattern Cataloging

Good Friday Pulpit Fall

This past Easter-Easter 2014-, a new set of Altar Hangings was created for my home church. This is a photo of the Ecclesiastical Sewing Project featuring a “Black Pulpit Fall”… Read more Good Friday Pulpit Fall
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