Rose Stoles for Gaudete and Laetare Sundays

Rose – a color that lightens the mind and spirit in more ways than one. There is nothing quite like the beauty of wild roses in bloom. After a long… Read more Rose Stoles for Gaudete and Laetare Sundays

Rose Chasuble and Stole Vestments for Advent and Lent

While blue or violet are the predominant colors for the season of Advent, and violet is the color for Lent, during  Rose-colored vestments are often seen in the middle of… Read more Rose Chasuble and Stole Vestments for Advent and Lent

Sewing a Chalice Veil: Construction Details

The most recent development in the Ecclesiastical Sewing work room has been the development of a Chalice Veil. The pattern & instructions for this will be available soon on our… Read more Sewing a Chalice Veil: Construction Details

Violet, Blue and Rose Liturgical Brocade Church Vestments Fabrics

With the launch of our new Ecclesiastical Sewing Storefront, it might take a while before everyone becomes familiar with the navigation and location of various items.  When it comes to… Read more Violet, Blue and Rose Liturgical Brocade Church Vestments Fabrics

Ely Crown Liturgical Brocade and Pugin Orphrey Trim

The church year has a long history of using specific colors to mark the various celebrations, feasts and festivals of the church year. There are certain colors that transcend among all faiths. And then within various  faiths, the color may vary according to use and tradition. An example would be some churches use Liturgical Fabrics with the color Violet or purple while other use Roman Purple. The most basic colors used in the church include a white in some form from Bridal white to deep cream. The white color family… Read more Ely Crown Liturgical Brocade and Pugin Orphrey Trim

Black Evesham Church Vestment Fabric Orphrey

Over the past several weeks, we have been working through matching patterns on the Red Lichfield Liturgical Church Vestment Fabric. I have really enjoyed working with Lichfield. I feel very… Read more Black Evesham Church Vestment Fabric Orphrey

Silver Stars for Advent Stole: Part 2

There are a few pastoral stole projects that need to be created in a relatively short period of time. The first stole is a Blue Advent stole. Blue is an alternate liturgical color frequently used by many churches for the season of Advent. The other liturgical color used during Advent is Purple. Since my church has used blue in the past, we will stick with the traditional color selection, and work on the goal of  a new vestment set.  I started a set last year, but was delayed by work,… Read more Silver Stars for Advent Stole: Part 2

Planning – First Steps for Altar Frontal

Making an altar frontal is a big undertaking. There are so many things to think about.  The list seems endless at times.  Here is a brief list of thoughts that… Read more Planning – First Steps for Altar Frontal
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