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Rose Chasuble and Stole Vestments for Advent and Lent

Rose Vestments Rose chasuble Priest clothing chasuble and stole priestly vestments religious vestments Bishop clothing Ecclesiastical Sewing

While blue or violet are the predominant colors for the season of Advent, and violet is the color for Lent, during  Rose-colored vestments are often seen in the middle of these seasons. Gaudete is a special Sunday in Advent when the readings have a lighter tone in the middle of what is a Penitential Season. This is the third Sunday in Advent when a rose or pink candle is light in the Advent wreath. The change in color reminds us that Christmas is near. We only need to wait a bit longer and our Alleluia will resound once again.

Gaudete Vestments Chasuble and stole catholic church vestments high priest vestments Ecclesiastical SewingLent is also a Penitential Season of the church year. Laetare is on the fourth Sunday in Lent. The day is marked by the same lightening tone in the readings. This time the reminder is that we are almost to Easter. It is but a few short weeks away.

Catholic Priest Chasuble Rose chasuble and stol Priestly vestments Priest clothing Ecclesiastical Sewing

The chasuble and stole set is made using a lustrous rose-colored silk dupioni fabric with cranberry accents.

Chasuble and Stole Rose vestments priest chasuble and stole Ecclesiastical Sewing

The brilliant gold trim is a bright contrast. Rose Pugin orphrey bands complete the set.


Chasuble and stole Catholic Priest chasuble chasuble vestment Ecclesiastical Sewing religious vestment

Rose is a lighter and brighter color but it still falls under the main Penitential color of Violet or Purple. The use of Rose vestment with teaching incorporated is a wonderful way for pastors to teach parishioner.

In the Ecclesiastical Sewing Studio, we create many vestments set during the course of the year. Yet, this is a set that I love each time it is created. The colors and trims work together so well. Some may say it is a shame that such a set is used only twice a year. Maybe they should flip that statement around and say how blessed we are to have this set to use twice a year to remind us that Christmas and Easter joy is but a moment away.

This is a wonderful church vestment chasuble and stole set that is appropriate to present as a gift to pastors or priests. This would also make a wonderful memorial vestment set. And pastor appreciation day is coming soon.

Soli Deo Gloria

N.B. The church setting for the above photo is the High Altar at the Cathedral of All Saints in Albany, NY from the personal collection of Carrie Roberts.



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