Opus Anglicanum: Victoria and Albert Style

“Explore a selection of the most outstanding examples of English Medieval embroidery. Featuring surviving examples of exquisite craftsmanship, this exhibition will focus on the artistic skill of the makers and… Read more Opus Anglicanum: Victoria and Albert Style

Mary Barber’s Six Winged Creature Drawing

There are many  wonderful, and sometimes strange things written about in the Scriptures that are almost impossible for us a mere humans to imagine, let alone try to interpret in Ecclesiastical Embroidery.  Two of those unusual things are the Seraphim and  the Cherubim.  Artisans of the past have grappled with these creatures, and provided some interesting interpretations.  The powdering designs, dating from the glory days of Opus Anglicanum, give us some wonderful examples of these delightful interpretations of Seraphim and Cherubim. Last week, I shared an article on a recent purchase… Read more Mary Barber’s Six Winged Creature Drawing

Mary Barber’s Some Drawings of Ancient Embroidery

Old books are a mixed blessing. It is often wonderful to be able to purchase a rare book, especially if the book relates to Ecclesiastical Sewing and Embroidery.  And such is the case with this rare title I purchased last fall.  The book i is Mary Barber’s Some Drawings of Ancient Embroidery that I mentioned last fall.  In its day, the book was highly regarded and is often referred to in many older books on the topic of Ecclesiastical Sewing. The book is filled with wonderful illustrations from examples of embroidery… Read more Mary Barber’s Some Drawings of Ancient Embroidery
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