Pentecost a Season of Red Liturgical Fabrics

The seasons of the church year follow an orderly pattern. This week we wrap up the season of Lent and enter Holy Week. In just a matter of days, we… Read more Pentecost a Season of Red Liturgical Fabrics

Aragon Liturgical Tapestry Fabric in Red Lurex

Tapestries have graced the walls of castles for centuries. They have also graced countless clergy vestments through the ages.  Today, there are many lovely liturgical fabrics woven in rich and… Read more Aragon Liturgical Tapestry Fabric in Red Lurex

Reversible Wakefield Ecclesiastical Fabric

Sometimes details are of little matter, and other times, details make all of the difference in taking something from ordinary to extraordinary.  And so it is with the Ecclesiastical Fabric… Read more Reversible Wakefield Ecclesiastical Fabric

A New Look at Ecclesiastical Sewing

There is a new look at Ecclesiastical Sewing. And with a new look there comes a few technical challenges to work through.  While we continue to improve things and prepare… Read more A New Look at Ecclesiastical Sewing
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