Metropolitan Museum of Art Digital Initiative

Thank goodness for the Internet.  With a few clicks, one can be transported to some wonderful places to explore the world of Needlework of every kind.  There were a few topics of “embroidery” interest from weekend browsing that I though might be fun to share with you all. If you are not familiar with Thistle Threads you might enjoy heading over to their website and taking a peak around. There is much to peruse and explore. Tricia Nguyen has spent years bringing new needlework supplies to the market place for hand… Read more Metropolitan Museum of Art Digital Initiative

Inspirations for Silk Wrapped Purl

It’s always fun to have a few new items on hand for Ecclesiastical Embroidery projects.  Sometimes with new threads, fun as they are, it might be a bit of a… Read more Inspirations for Silk Wrapped Purl
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