Evangelists Vestments Collections to Celebrate the Feast of St. Matthew September 21

Feast of St. Matthew

September 21 marks the feast of St. Matthew in the Western church. Matthew is recognized as a Saint in the many church bodies, including the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican churches. 
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St. Matthew was an Apostle of Christ. He is often depicted in Christian Art as one of the four living creatures from the Book of Revelation. His depiction is that of the Winged Man.
Today we share with you our special Priest stole created with the symbol of St. Matthew and the other Evangelists.
Evangelist Stole Priest Stole Priest vestments Ecclesiastical Sewing

Evangelist Vestment Collection

This special Pastor stole has detailed machine embroidery designs of the Winged Man for St. Matthew, the Lion of St. Mark, the Bull of St. Luke and the Eagle of St. John. 
While the photo shows the Evangelist vestments stitched on the Luther Rose Brocade, many of our other Religious fabrics would also be suitable for these pastor stoles and church vestments.
Which Evangelist design is your favorite?
Soli Deo Gloria 

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