Something Special For Lent and Good Friday: Black Vestment Fabrics

At Ecclesiastical Sewing, we specialize in offering a wide range of Liturgical Fabrics ranging from Brocades to Tapestries. Most of our fabrics are patterns and designs that have been around… Read more Something Special For Lent and Good Friday: Black Vestment Fabrics

Good Friday 2017 and Stabat Mater Dolorosa

Tonight at church, the stripped altar will be adorned in black with six candles upon it and the seventh being the Paschal candle. The crucifix is already veiled, not to… Read more Good Friday 2017 and Stabat Mater Dolorosa

A Reader’s Labor of Love: Making Liturgical Vestments

Tonight we would like to share something special. It is the story of a labor of love. The story began quite a  number of months ago. I was delighted when… Read more A Reader’s Labor of Love: Making Liturgical Vestments

Liturgical Colors for the Church Year

Liturgical colors  used for Ecclesiastical vestments and hangings can be a bit tricky. How are you able to tell the correct color to be used for the various days of… Read more Liturgical Colors for the Church Year

A Quick Glance Ahead to Lent

Now that the topic of Lent has been broached a few times, it is too difficult to resist taking a quick glance at the Ash Wednesday-Good Friday Vestment Set waiting… Read more A Quick Glance Ahead to Lent

Good Friday Pulpit Fall

This past Easter-Easter 2014-, a new set of Altar Hangings was created for my home church. This is a photo of the Ecclesiastical Sewing Project featuring a “Black Pulpit Fall”… Read more Good Friday Pulpit Fall
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