Making Your Own Clergy Stole: Stole Making

Winter has set in full force in Northern Minnesota. Daily, I come in contact with people telling of the placed they are off to in the quest for warmer weather… Read more Making Your Own Clergy Stole: Stole Making

How to Cut Orphrey Bands

I admit. I am in a bit of a quandary and there is no way out. It never fails to happen. I have know that a set of pastoral stoles need to be completed for a young pastor. His first call was with a parish that had stoles, so he never had the need to acquire his own set of Pastoral stoles. Then he came to our church, and we do not have stoles for every season in the church year.  And so, as the seasons come along, a few… Read more How to Cut Orphrey Bands

Priest or Pastoral Stoles: Trim Options

It is always nice to have some basic supplies on hand if one plans on doing Ecclesiastical Sewing or  making Church Vestments on a regular basis. And so, my collection… Read more Priest or Pastoral Stoles: Trim Options
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