Large Agnus Dei Update

This is where we left off on the largest Agnus Dei hand embroidery project when we lasted visited about The Tale of Two Lambs Project. The smaller areas of the sky to the… Read more Large Agnus Dei Update

Agnus Dei Progress

It is fun to set stitching goals. It is even more fun to reach the goal!  This weekend was a great weekend to set and make goals for Ecclesiastical Embroidery… Read more Agnus Dei Progress

The Second Lamb in The Tale of Two Lambs

The Altar Frontal is often one of the visual focal points in a church. For high Festival Days, the church has historically used its best altar hangings.  As is the… Read more The Second Lamb in The Tale of Two Lambs

Results of Organization Weekend

It was a long-awaited 4-day weekend. I had envisioned the weekend spent working on Ecclesiastical Sewing projects and continuing on several Ecclesiastical Embroidery projects that are underway, including some much-needed… Read more Results of Organization Weekend

Underway with Glitters of Gold

Now that the initial task of getting the Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design for the Easter Set Pulpit fall has been accomplished and the laid threads of the Italian stitch seem to suit the area selected, it is time for the next experiment in stitching.  I am pretty confident this should work, but there are a few things still to consider.   For instance, which of the gold threads in the drawer are best suited for this stitching?  The area is rather small, so the gold thread to be used for couching the… Read more Underway with Glitters of Gold

New Frames Mean New Projects

New frames finally arrived on Monday, and so that means it is time to start a new Ecclesiastical Embroidery project!  I ordered the Millenium Frame in several sizes from Needle Needs in early April.  It took quite a while for them to arrive. So now it is time to give them a try!  I have the perfect Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design just waiting to try out on the new frames. The project is part of the Easter Vestment Set that I first told you about in The Tale of Two Lambs. … Read more New Frames Mean New Projects
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