Ordination and Installation of Clergy

It is that time of year. Winter has passed to the dim recesses of our memory, and the earth is awakening with a profusion of blossoms. The unexpected beauty of… Read more Ordination and Installation of Clergy

Priest or Pastoral Stole: Tassel Ends

Stoles are the topic of conversation at the moment on Ecclesiastical Sewing. Stoles are often one of the first projects that someone new to vestment making undertakes. Clergy stoles, from… Read more Priest or Pastoral Stole: Tassel Ends

Priest or Pastoral Stoles: Trim Options

It is always nice to have some basic supplies on hand if one plans on doing Ecclesiastical Sewing or  making Church Vestments on a regular basis. And so, my collection… Read more Priest or Pastoral Stoles: Trim Options
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