Creating Orphrey Bands for Church Vestments

A few days ago the Ecclesiastical Sewing Studio announced the release of three new Latin Mass Chasuble sewing patterns.  The chasuble patterns have lots of design details with crosses and… Read more Creating Orphrey Bands for Church Vestments

Concordia Theological Seminary Machine Embroidery Logo

At  Ecclesiastical Sewing, we have been working to create many new machine embroidery design and will try to get those introduced as quickly as possible. The embroidery designs will include symbols, logos, whitework designs, and seasonal designs. One of the new logo designs is shown above. The Concordia Theological Seminary Logo is now available as a machine embroidery file to download. The file is suitable for use on jackets, bags, banners, and tippets!  The size is 4″. Due to the detailed nature of the design, it does not translate as… Read more Concordia Theological Seminary Machine Embroidery Logo

Tapestry Fabrics: How to Measure Pattern Repeats

Tapestry fabrics Tapestries – they are a thing of beauty, steeped in history reminding us of tales almost forgotten in the recesses of the mind: of knights and chivalry and… Read more Tapestry Fabrics: How to Measure Pattern Repeats

Red and Gold Liturgical Brocade Fabrics

Ecclesiastical Sewing recently had a very special project in the works. When an idea takes root and begins to turn into a project I have the joy and privilege of… Read more Red and Gold Liturgical Brocade Fabrics

The Rose of the Lutherans

  On Sunday, the Protestant Church remembers the death of one of her most beloved Saints. Martin Luther died February 18th, 1546. I have been interested in flowers and greenery… Read more The Rose of the Lutherans

Dainty Liturgical Fabrics? How Will They Look!

Liturgical Fabrics are fabrics specially woven for use in making church vestments. Some of you may be familiar with Liturgical Fabrics and for others, this may be new territory. Liturgical… Read more Dainty Liturgical Fabrics? How Will They Look!

How to Match Patterns using Violet Ely Crown Liturgical Fabric

Violet – when we mention that color a host of images may come to mind. I often think of beautiful summer days hiking under clear blue skies in the beauty… Read more How to Match Patterns using Violet Ely Crown Liturgical Fabric

Luther Rose Liturgical Brocade Church Vestment Fabric

Sometimes words escape us. We don’t know what to say, but our hearts are full of gratitude for the blessings of those around us, and for the gifts of God’s Blessings we are given every day. Today has been one of those days where Blessings abound and there is a little story to be told about how this day came to be. Last spring I shared several digital machine embroidery designs with Peter who is the wonderful man in the United Kingdom that helps create our beautiful Liturgical brocade fabrics.… Read more Luther Rose Liturgical Brocade Church Vestment Fabric

Sewing a Chalice Veil: Construction Details

The most recent development in the Ecclesiastical Sewing work room has been the development of a Chalice Veil. The pattern & instructions for this will be available soon on our… Read more Sewing a Chalice Veil: Construction Details
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