Liturgical Brocades Used for Church Vestments and Historical Costumes

Liturgical Brocades, Damasks, Tapestry, and Brocatelle Fabrics used for Historical Period and Renaissance Costumes Ecclesiastical Sewing carries a complete line of what might be described as luxurious textiles with pedigrees… Read more Liturgical Brocades Used for Church Vestments and Historical Costumes

St. Hubert

Today’s topic is a historical biography about a saint from the seventh and eighth centuries. St. Hubert—circa 656 A.D. to 727 A.D.— was a Bishop of Liege and along with… Read more St. Hubert

Orphrey Bands for Altar Frontal

Yes, it is true. The Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom is gone. There is nothing there at the moment except an empty room, with carpet badly soiled from construction dust and dirt. Gone is the cutting table and sewing table, the book-case and the vintage books, the fabrics and trims. It is an odd feeling to have what was an organized workroom completely disassembled. There is a bit of construction going on, both upstairs and down, and it should wrap up in one more week! And then it will be exciting to… Read more Orphrey Bands for Altar Frontal

Sir Ninian Comper: Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designer

A man should, from his youth, seek for forms which are beautiful. At first he should love but one of them; then recognize the beauty which resides in one as the sister of that which dwells in another. Philosophy helps, from Plato onwards, because it puts beauty in the right place as one of the three eternal values equal with truth and goodness so that  what applies to one of them is true of the others.’ – Sir Ninian Comper (Symunson & Bucknall, 2006, p.19) Beauty is something that is… Read more Sir Ninian Comper: Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designer

Books: The Next Best Thing : Part II

Yesterday was such a fun day spent talking about Books: The Next Best Thing and becoming immersed in the works of the Ecclesiastical Giants who designed and created many beautiful pieces… Read more Books: The Next Best Thing : Part II
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