Church Linen Hand Embroidery Design for Purificator

As the weather turns colder, it brings thoughts of a cozy fireplace, soft music and something relaxing to wile away the afternoon. In the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom, that usually means… Read more Church Linen Hand Embroidery Design for Purificator
December 17, 2016 by Carrie R

Small Altar Linens and a Gift for You

Linens are an item used everyday or every week in the life of most churches.  Linens are used for the most sacred and important part of a church service during… Read more Small Altar Linens and a Gift for You

Email sign up form and small church linen booklet

Ecclesiastical Sewing has some exciting news to announce! We have an email subscription! Click on the link below or go to the Ecclesiastical Sewing  website and store front to sign… Read more Email sign up form and small church linen booklet

Linen Fabric and Small Altar Linens

Linen. What is not to love about this fabric, especially when it is used for making altar linens that will be used during Holy Communion or the Eucharist? And what… Read more Linen Fabric and Small Altar Linens
November 29, 2016 by Carrie R

Grand Opening Special: Stole Kit and Pastoral Stole Pattern

It has taken almost two years for our dream to become a reality. This dream began with a search to find the fabrics, patterns, embroidery designs and knowledge needed for… Read more Grand Opening Special: Stole Kit and Pastoral Stole Pattern

Altar Linens: Linen Fabric Choices

As many of us return to our respective church sacristies following the sporadic nature of summer schedules, there is often a bit of house keeping needed to put things in… Read more Altar Linens: Linen Fabric Choices

Holy Cross Day September 14

Today marks yet another day of celebration in the year of the church. September 14th is noted as being Holy Cross Day, which is celebrated in both Eastern and Western… Read more Holy Cross Day September 14

Part I: The Amice—Norris

Over the next few days I would like to talk to you about certain ecclesiastical vestments that are worn on the head. Often we focus our gaze on the voluptuous garments that cover our ministers of the church. It is important to know each distinct garment and its history. Based in practical reasoning, traditions are now carried on without knowing the origin. When we travel to Europe, view exhibits in a museum, or look in old volumes, we see all kinds of garments that our ministers no longer wear, or… Read more Part I: The Amice—Norris

Summer Travels Italy Part II

Here is the second church; this is the Duomo di Mantova—The Cathedral of Mantova. This church is dedicated to St. Peter and is the official seat of the Bishop of… Read more Summer Travels Italy Part II
September 01, 2016 by Carrie R

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