Part I: The Amice—Norris

Over the next few days I would like to talk to you about certain ecclesiastical vestments that are worn on the head. Often we focus our gaze on the voluptuous garments that cover our ministers of the church. It is important to know each distinct garment and its history. Based in practical reasoning, traditions are now carried on without knowing the origin. When we travel to Europe, view exhibits in a museum, or look in old volumes, we see all kinds of garments that our ministers no longer wear, or… Read more Part I: The Amice—Norris

Summer Travels Italy Part II

Here is the second church; this is the Duomo di Mantova—The Cathedral of Mantova. This church is dedicated to St. Peter and is the official seat of the Bishop of… Read more Summer Travels Italy Part II
September 01, 2016 by Carrie R

Altare Dei—The Altar of God

Upon entering the sanctuary of a Christian Church, those coming to worship immediately have their gaze directed towards a particular object. Placed in the front and center of a sanctuary,… Read more Altare Dei—The Altar of God

Ecclesiastical Sewing Introduces Ashley

Ecclesiastical Sewing would like to officially welcome Ashley Zerwas to our team. Ashley is Carrie’s only daughter and she has taken a full-time job working for the family business after… Read more Ecclesiastical Sewing Introduces Ashley
August 19, 2016 by Carrie R

Fair Linens: Part 1 Measurements

Fair Linens   – what a lovely title for an article used in the church. But do we really know what is behind that title? What makes a Linen “Fair”? Fair… Read more Fair Linens: Part 1 Measurements

Altar Linens: Descriptions and Sizes

As the summer months move along, many of you may be traveling and spending time away from your churches. Summer months during the church year are referred to as ordinary times. It is the long season of green – as is the great out-of-doors for those living in the northern hemisphere. While the summer days may seem to last for ever, (or in my case, disappear in the blink of an eye) it is a good time for reflection and contemplation. I like to think about where my skills are… Read more Altar Linens: Descriptions and Sizes

Ecclesiastical Sewing: Reading for a Summer Road Trip

Summer road trips. It is that time of year for the long-awaited and greatly anticipated family road trip. The destination:  Glacier National Park, with a few side trips along the… Read more Ecclesiastical Sewing: Reading for a Summer Road Trip

Altar Linens: Using Color

What could be more beautiful than white Carrara Marble, German Stained glass windows depicting Biblical scenes from the life of Christ, magnificent statues and classical architecture with soaring ceilings? There are… Read more Altar Linens: Using Color

Hand Embroidery Design Small Linens

The summer season is approaching, and it might be a good time to start thinking about small altar linens. The Easter season is coming to an end and the green… Read more Hand Embroidery Design Small Linens

Altar Linen: Where Linen Comes From

This weekend, as I was working on a project, the thought of linen fabric came to mind.  Years ago, when sewing fashion fabrics, the linen available was to be dreaded. A mere  look would seem to result in wrinkles. I use to cringe at the thought of anything connected with linen. But as the world of Ecclesiastical Sewing has opened over many years, those once dreaded thoughts have softened, just as fine linen does with time.   Some of my favorite styles of linen fabric come from  Access Commodities,  which only… Read more Altar Linen: Where Linen Comes From
September 07, 2015 by Carrie R
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