Trestle Embroidery Stand and Slate Frames

  Winter has settled on us in Northern Minnesota with a vengeance. It is too cold for man or beast to venture outside beyond what is absolutely needed. Thankfully, the… Read more Trestle Embroidery Stand and Slate Frames

St. Leo’s Mosaic Christ

One of the things I love the most about traveling and visiting churches is taking photos. The photos serve as a reminder of the beauty that is to be seen… Read more St. Leo’s Mosaic Christ

Liturgical Embroidery Designs Phase 2

Summer is so shorted lived in Minnesota. It is hard to be inside working on the Liturgical Embroidery Designs when the sky is sunny, and the evenings are pleasant.  Of… Read more Liturgical Embroidery Designs Phase 2

Liturgical Embroidery Design

Summer has finally arrived in Northern Minnesota, and the last week was a little wild in many ways. The past week saw a severe storm in our area that caused… Read more Liturgical Embroidery Design

Flowers in Honor of St. Valentine

What a surprise!  Seeing flowers as the first site to greet the day certainly brings a smile!  How can one help smiling when beholding the beauty of flowers?  They are… Read more Flowers in Honor of St. Valentine
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