Planning Ahead

Planning ahead on Ecclesiastical Sewing Projects has never been a strong point. While others may plan out every detail down to the last thread, trim, and stitch, that has never worked… Read more Planning Ahead

IHS Turning Corners

  The fun part about hand embroidery is that one can read, study, and practice; test, learn, and grow. Yet on occasion, there is the that little something in the… Read more IHS Turning Corners

Goldwork Progress

Goldwork embroidery is so much fun! I find it very relaxing and enjoyable. Goldwork couching is one of the first techniques I learned. It is rather simple. There are certainly… Read more Goldwork Progress

False Starts and New Beginnings

It often does not take long to realize when a battle ensues and there will be no winning.  So it goes sometimes when a new Ecclesiastical Embroidery Projects first starts.… Read more False Starts and New Beginnings

IHS Ecclesiastical Design First Stitches

There is nothing quite like the joy of taking the first stitches on a new embroidery project! There is a little thrill followed by a rush of excitement to get the stitching underway. First, one must test the stitching ideas to see if they will work out.   There is the hope that the colors will work together, the correct thread types are on hand, and nothing befalls the project in the way of a disaster, large or small, that will delay its completion.  There are a thousand thoughts that run through… Read more IHS Ecclesiastical Design First Stitches

Ecclesiastical Embroidery Pattern Solution

It is a wonderful feeling to discover a solution to a problem. It is even more wonderful when the solution comes as an unexpected surprise.  Over the past month, I… Read more Ecclesiastical Embroidery Pattern Solution
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