Pentecost a Season of Red Liturgical Fabrics

The seasons of the church year follow an orderly pattern. This week we wrap up the season of Lent and enter Holy Week. In just a matter of days, we… Read more Pentecost a Season of Red Liturgical Fabrics

Creating Orphrey Bands for Church Vestments

A few days ago the Ecclesiastical Sewing Studio announced the release of three new Latin Mass Chasuble sewing patterns.  The chasuble patterns have lots of design details with crosses and… Read more Creating Orphrey Bands for Church Vestments

What is needed for Vestment Makers?

As we continue to grow Ecclesiastical Sewing in 2017, it seems appropriate to stop and ask our faithful readers what are the things on your “wish lists” when it comes… Read more What is needed for Vestment Makers?

White Liturgical Religious Fabrics for Making Church Vestments

Advent is a season of preparation that leads up to one of the most Festive seasons in the Church year. Christmas will soon be here, and with it comes the… Read more White Liturgical Religious Fabrics for Making Church Vestments

The Cope–Norris

Like the majority of modern ecclesiastical vestments, the cope has its origins in ancient garments. The cope, unlike other vestments, is a bit of a mystery. With an unknown origin,… Read more The Cope–Norris

Bits and Pieces Advent Set

Every evening after work, I try to accomplish something on various Ecclesiastical Sewing Projects.  Sometimes it is quite late before other obligations of the day are finished, and the enjoyment… Read more Bits and Pieces Advent Set

Books: The Next Best Thing : Part II

Yesterday was such a fun day spent talking about Books: The Next Best Thing and becoming immersed in the works of the Ecclesiastical Giants who designed and created many beautiful pieces… Read more Books: The Next Best Thing : Part II
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