Slate Frames – How to Determine Size

Slate frames have been used for countless years (or may we centuries) as a way of mounting fabric for working hand embroidery. There are many advantages to using a slate… Read more Slate Frames – How to Determine Size

Through the Needle’s Eye – EGA Traveling Exhibit

Needlework is always fun and exciting. I especially love hand embroidery but running a busy sewing studio does not leave much time for the pleasures a favorite pastime.   So,… Read more Through the Needle’s Eye – EGA Traveling Exhibit

Custom Made Slate Frames and Trestle Stands for Hand Embroidery

There is something so relaxing and enjoyable about doing hand embroidery. Having the correct tools to tackle a project properly makes the process that much better. Having a beautiful view… Read more Custom Made Slate Frames and Trestle Stands for Hand Embroidery

Trestle Stands for Slate Frames

  Hand Embroidery Classes Many of us have enjoyed taking classes with the Royal School of Needlework and Hand and Lock in recent years.  The Royal School of Needlework and… Read more Trestle Stands for Slate Frames

Trestle Embroidery Stand and Slate Frames

  Winter has settled on us in Northern Minnesota with a vengeance. It is too cold for man or beast to venture outside beyond what is absolutely needed. Thankfully, the… Read more Trestle Embroidery Stand and Slate Frames

Slate Embroidery Frames and Trestle Stands

I love fine needlework. In an effort to continually improve my skills, I enjoy taking classes and working on projects. One thing I have learned over the years is to… Read more Slate Embroidery Frames and Embroidery Trestle Stands

Wooden Slate Embroidery Frames

Slate frames. Those words may mean nothing to some of you, and to others who have taken the plunge head first into hand embroidery, you know that working on a… Read more Wooden Slate Embroidery Frames
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