Evangelist Stole for Easter Quick Ship

Last week, we introduced our Quick Ship vestments. These are items where customers have requested that we have certain styles available for those last-minute needs. These are also items that… Read more Evangelist Stole for Easter Quick Ship

White and Gold for Easter and Christmas

Easter and Christmas are the highest festivals in the church year. The vestments worn by clergy and used in the church are often decorated with white and gold. Last Christmas,… Read more White and Gold for Easter and Christmas

Custom Sized Church Vestments

Church vestments come in all sizes from small to extra-large. Just as we find in the ready-to-wear fashion market, the hope is the existing size ranges will provide something that… Read more Custom Sized Church Vestments

What is a Tippet? Clergy Tippet Modern Use & Historical Background

What is a tippet? A great question you may ask. For some, the answer has to do with fishing. We won’t look at the definition today as our focus at… Read more What is a Tippet?

Tapestry Fabrics: How to Measure Pattern Repeats

Tapestry fabrics Tapestries – they are a thing of beauty, steeped in history reminding us of tales almost forgotten in the recesses of the mind: of knights and chivalry and… Read more Tapestry Fabrics: How to Measure Pattern Repeats

Sanctified Collection of Church Vestments

  The entire Ecclesiastical Sewing team is pleased to present our latest collection of machine embroidery designs for church vestments. The designs were created by Edward Riojas, a talented liturgical… Read more Sanctified Collection of Church Vestments

Luther Rose Brocade – Something Special

As a designer, I love to create. Creating something can take on many forms. It can be creating a vestment from scratch or creating a design for a vestment. It… Read more Luther Rose Brocade – Something Special

How to Match Patterns using Violet Ely Crown Liturgical Fabric

Violet – when we mention that color a host of images may come to mind. I often think of beautiful summer days hiking under clear blue skies in the beauty… Read more How to Match Patterns using Violet Ely Crown Liturgical Fabric
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