Goldwork and Meandering Thoughts

A small amount of stitching has been added to the Easter Set Pulpit Fall.  The amount is almost not worth mentioning at this point, expect for the fact that it is a stitching technique that I have never tried, but have often admired in the works of others. I have read about the various versions of the Italian Stitch as I talked about last week here: The biggest challenge I find with Ecclesiastical Sewing and Ecclesiastical Embroidery is fear.  Fear that what I try may not turn out well enough… Read more Goldwork and Meandering Thoughts

New Projects in the works soon

This weekend will be a bit of a reorganization for the sewing room. Hopefully a few things will be moved out, allowing for additional space.  This is great because there are several… Read more New Projects in the works soon

Upcoming Ecclesiastial Embroidery Events at the Victorian and Albert Museum

Oh I just wish I could hop on a plane and visit Great Britain! For many years, I have longed to go there. That desire is even stronger than usual with this upcoming class scheduled for October: The Giants of the Gothic Revival: Watts & Co from Pugin to Comper workshop that will be held at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Sat 25 October 2014 at 10:30. Select the link below to learn more about the programs: Giants of the Gothic Revival: Watts & Co from Pugin to Comper  … Read more Upcoming Ecclesiastial Embroidery Events at the Victorian and Albert Museum

Early Struggles in Ecclesiastical Sewing

Do you ever spend your days worrying about not having a great idea? Have you ever worked yourself into a frenzy by forcing your brain to concoct a new design? I can… Read more Early Struggles in Ecclesiastical Sewing

Good Friday Pulpit Fall

This past Easter-Easter 2014-, a new set of Altar Hangings was created for my home church. This is a photo of the Ecclesiastical Sewing Project featuring a “Black Pulpit Fall”… Read more Good Friday Pulpit Fall

Ecclesiastical Sewing

Sewing has been a life long passion. It was only natural that my love of sewing resulted in pursuing a degree in Costume Design. Now being able to combine that… Read more Ecclesiastical Sewing
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