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New Projects in the works soon

This weekend will be a bit of a reorganization for the sewing room. Hopefully a few things will be moved out, allowing for additional space.  This is great because there are several projects in the works, and several that will be starting over the next few weeks.  One of the projects will be rather large.  It is an entire set of vestments and hangings to be completed in a rose-colored fabric for use during Advent and Lent.  I’ll explain a bit more about the use of Rose during these seasons of the church year a little later, as the project moves along.

The fabric for the Rose Vestment Set will be a combination of Florence, which is a beautiful Ecclesiastical Fabric in rose, and a tapestry Ecclesiastical Fabric for orphreys.  Here is a quick look at the main rose-colored fabric.

Rose Florence Ecclesiastical Brocade from UK
Rose Florence Ecclesiastical Brocade from UK



The set will include vestment pieces of a stole, maniple, chasuble, chalice veil, burse, altar frontal with superfrontal, and pulpit fall.  As of now, I have not yet decided a question hovering in my mind. Do I include any hand embroidery on the project, or to position the orphreys in such a way as to eliminate the need for embroidery.  Something else to consider is whether to reconsider my selection of trim for use on the orphreys.

The project needs to be complete by the third Sunday in Advent, so it is time to get started.  Follow along as the project unfolds.

There are also a few additional pieces to be completed for the  Good Friday Pulpit Fall

I have some ideas for the orphreys on the stole and chasuble that I am anxious to try out.  For now, thanks for following.

Solo Dei Gloria!

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