O Sapientia – O Wisdom: The Great O’ Antiphon for December 17

Today begins the Great O Antiphons of Advent. The Antiphons are Magnificat Antiphon used during Vespers on the last seven days of Advent. Each Antiphon is a name for Christ… Read more O Sapientia – O Wisdom: The Great O’ Antiphon for December 17

Advent Vestment Projects in the Studio

Blue – it is everywhere we look these days in the Ecclesiastical Sewing studio. Well, not quite. there is a bit of violet lurking on one of the workstations. And… Read more Advent Vestment Projects in the Studio

Liturgical Digital Machine Embroidery Designs

The long Thanksgiving Holiday is at an end, and there is much to be thankful for. Blessings abound if we would take but a moment to be still and look… Read more Liturgical Digital Machine Embroidery Designs

St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Altar Frontal

St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade Fabric for Church Vestments Weddings are a time of celebration, especially when the wedding is held during the Celebration of Christmas and the days awaiting the… Read more St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Altar Frontal

Church Vestment Fringe: is there a difference?

Fringe for Church Vestments: It can be short and sweet, or long and elegant. It can have shimmer and shine, or have a perfect matte finish.  There are solid colors and multi-colored styles, with headers to match that are plain and simple, or complex like a braid trim.  What makes a fringe an Ecclesiastical fringe, suitable for use on church vestments and altar hangings? This is one of those questions that can be a bit challenging to answer. When I first started making church vestments and altar hangings, the only… Read more Church Vestment Fringe: is there a difference?

Shimmering Fabrics and How to Use Them

There is nothing that grabs our attention more that something shiny. That glint and glimmer is sure to catch our glance, make us stop, and take a look. Sometimes shiny objects can be a distraction, sometimes they can make us pause and wonder what is going on.  Shining objects are always guaranteed to capture our attention. Today I spent some time looking at shiny objects. To be more specific, shiny, glimmering liturgical fabrics for use in making church vestments. I have a special event coming up over the Holidays, and… Read more Shimmering Fabrics and How to Use Them

Laetare Sunday or Rose Vestments

Surprises are nice, because often they are unexpected. This morning, there was a surprise at our church. What surprise might you ask? A new set of Rose Vestments in time… Read more Laetare Sunday or Rose Vestments

Preparing the Advent Pulpit Fall Design

Time is slipping away, and the Advent Pulpit Fall needs to get started.  The Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design selected for the Pulpit Fall will be a combination of applique and couching stitches. (At least that is the plan for now). To aid with the placement of the applique pieces, I decided to transfer the Ecclesiastical Design to the Silk Dupioni using the prick and pounce method of design transfer.  When I first learned about this technique for transferring an embroidery design, it took a year, maybe longer than that, before I took the… Read more Preparing the Advent Pulpit Fall Design

Bits and Pieces Advent Set

Every evening after work, I try to accomplish something on various Ecclesiastical Sewing Projects.  Sometimes it is quite late before other obligations of the day are finished, and the enjoyment… Read more Bits and Pieces Advent Set
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