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St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Altar Frontal

St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade Fabric for Church Vestments

Weddings are a time of celebration, especially when the wedding is held during the Celebration of Christmas and the days awaiting the Epiphany.  This past winter our family had the joy of celebrating our daughter’s wedding on January 2nd.



Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Baxter MN Festive Altar Frontal for Christmas
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Baxter MN Festive Altar Frontal for Christmas


Being a seamstress, and having sewn wedding gowns professionally for years, the plan was to make the Bride’s gown. But with a bride living out of state and having less that five months lead time for the wedding, the thought of making the bridal gown was unrealistic. Being a seamstress, a great deal of time  was spent pondering what might be made by the works of my hands that would mark this special day for my daughter, and also fit within the season of the church year. The answer when one does Liturgical Sewing was to make a new altar frontal and pulpit fall.  Now our church does have a Christmas altar  antipendium and pulpit fall with specific Christmas motifs on it, but the set was made years ago when I was just beginning this Ecclesiastical Sewing journey. It was time for an update, and to change the existing Christmas set to a full frontal.

The set in the above photo is not “finished.”  It was made without a lining, and is only attached to the canvas for now. Since timing was tight, there was not enough lead time to have designs digitized and embroidered for the Altar Frontal, Superfrontal or Pulpit Fall. The plan was to start with the above pieces and then add the embroidered motifs when they are ready.  To make the task of going back and making future alterations and modifications to this set, the lower edge of the frontal was left to hang free from the supporting canvas interlining.

While the plan is to go back and add Christmas motifs to this altar frontal, it could also be used exactly as is. It is a festival altar frontal that would be suitable for either Christmas or Easter, or any time the liturgical color of white is required. To make it easier to see all of the lovely white fabrics, we have created a picture gallery of white Liturgical Fabrics. To see our complete line of white liturgical fabrics please visit our online store at Ecclesiastical Sewing.

I have been waiting for months to see photos from the wedding. As mother of the bride, I admit I left my camera at home, and decided to await for the official photographs of the day, or photos from family and friends. This is the first photo I have seen of the church and the altar frontal, taken the evening before the wedding. Regretfully, it is a scan of a snapshot, so the image quality is poor. But it is still useful in showing the beauty of the selected fabrics used in this altar frontal and pulpit fall.

Liturgical Fabrics
St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Liturgical Fabric
St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Liturgical Fabric


The fabrics selected for use in this project are St. Margaret in the Ivory Lurex color and St. Hubert in the Gold/Gold color. Oak Leaf galloon was used to edge the orphrey, and a metallic gold thread fringe graces the lower edge of superfrontal and frontal.  The superfrontal is made entirely from the Gold/Gold St. Hubert with the metallic gold fringe as the only adornment. The frontal is made using St. Margaret as the base fabric, with orphreys of St. Hubert in the Gold/Gold with the 1 inch wide Oak Leaf galloon used to finish the edges.  The above photo shows the lovely St. Margaret Ivory Lurex fabric. It is a lovely fabric that features a Tudor Rose and Crown Pattern amidst scrolling vines and floral motifs.

Crown Detail of St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Fabric


When making decisions as to placement of a central motif on the altar frontal and pulpit fall, I had a difficult time deciding between the crown and the rose. The above photo shows the crown motif. Note the leaves coming over the top of the vine border and gracing the top of the crown, almost as if bowing to it in honor.

Tudor Rose Detail from St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Fabric
Tudor Rose Detail from St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Fabric


The Tudor Rose motif is regal with its accents of leaves and  the vine border. Note the small cross detail that is worked into the vine pattern directly below the Tudor Rose.

Which motif might you select as a focal point?  Either would work, and be lovely. One factor which might force a decision would be the placement of seam lines and how they would fall for a particular project. That is what determined things in the end on this altar frontal.

As noted above, the orphrey bands on the frontal are made from  the  St. Hubert Gold-Gold Liturgical fabric. The orphrey bands have the Oak Leaf Liturgical Galloon Edging.


St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Liturgical Fabric
St. Margaret Ivory Lurex Liturgical Fabric


The above photo captures the subtle shimmer that makes this liturgical fabric so lovely. I admit is was a challenge to capture this shot. It took hours and several days in studio to be able to show the gleam of gold as the light reflects on this fabric. The eyes see the shimmer, but the camera lens struggles to capture it. It is elusive.

The thought of a winter wedding in Northern Minnesota over the New Years Holiday Weekend might be a cause for concern with regards to the weather. But the weather cooperated, giving us a day that was sunny and bright, and as the sun streamed in the stained glass windows on the south side of the church, it shone directly on the beautiful altar frontal created to mark the day. And what do you think happened when the sunlight hit this fabric?  That’s right – it shimmered and glowed in the rays of the sunshine as the couple stood before the altar saying their vows. It was a site beautiful to behold!

The Ivory-Gold Lurex St. Margaret fabric, Gold-gold St. Hubert fabric and Oak Leaf Galloon are all be available at the Ecclesiastical Sewing online storefront. St. Margaret is also available in a range of solid colors and two-toned fabrics. St. Hubert is available in colors of white/gold, red/gold, blue/gold and black gold.

Solo Dei Gloria

Be sure to visit our online store front Ecclesiastical Sewing where you may shop for Liturgical Fabrics, altar linen fabrics, church vestment making patterns, liturgical machine embroidery designschurch vestment trims and notions and so much more. You may also find us on  Ecclesiastical Sewing  on Facebook , Twitter, and Pinterest. Sing up for our mailing list  at the bottom of the page on our online store front and receive a free copy of our Small Linens Booklet as our way of saying thank you for following along.






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