Adding Fringe Trim to a Pulpit Fall or Superfrontal

We have four sets of Trinity Altar hangings in the Ecclesiastical Sewing Studios at the moment. Several of those sets are complete and ready to ship while others are just… Read more Adding Fringe Trim to a Pulpit Fall or Superfrontal

Church Vestment Fringe: is there a difference?

Fringe for Church Vestments: It can be short and sweet, or long and elegant. It can have shimmer and shine, or have a perfect matte finish.  There are solid colors and multi-colored styles, with headers to match that are plain and simple, or complex like a braid trim.  What makes a fringe an Ecclesiastical fringe, suitable for use on church vestments and altar hangings? This is one of those questions that can be a bit challenging to answer. When I first started making church vestments and altar hangings, the only… Read more Church Vestment Fringe: is there a difference?
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