Pentecost a Season of Red Liturgical Fabrics

The seasons of the church year follow an orderly pattern. This week we wrap up the season of Lent and enter Holy Week. In just a matter of days, we… Read more Pentecost a Season of Red Liturgical Fabrics

Evangelist Stole for Easter Quick Ship

Last week, we introduced our Quick Ship vestments. These are items where customers have requested that we have certain styles available for those last-minute needs. These are also items that… Read more Evangelist Stole for Easter Quick Ship

White and Gold for Easter and Christmas

Easter and Christmas are the highest festivals in the church year. The vestments worn by clergy and used in the church are often decorated with white and gold. Last Christmas,… Read more White and Gold for Easter and Christmas

Custom Sized Church Vestments

Church vestments come in all sizes from small to extra-large. Just as we find in the ready-to-wear fashion market, the hope is the existing size ranges will provide something that… Read more Custom Sized Church Vestments

The Church Year is a Pageant

The Church Year is an ongoing Pageant How do you view the church year? Have you ever thought of the church year as a pageant – not the kind of… Read more The Church Year is a Pageant

Blessed Virgin Mary Monogram and Stoles

It rained today. It was as if the heavens shared our sorrow and cried tears of their own. Today a dear friend was laid in her eternal rest to await… Read more Blessed Virgin Mary Monogram and Stoles

Easter 2018

Alleluia! Christ is Risen. He is Risen indeed! Alleluia! May the joy of our Risen Saviour live in your hearts now and forever more. Blessings and peace to all of… Read more Easter 2018

The Ecclesiastical Sewing Family’s Easter in 2017

We hope you have all had a safe and blessed Easter Holy Day. The Ecclesiastical Sewing family had such a wonderful weekend that it is hard to return to our… Read more The Ecclesiastical Sewing Family’s Easter in 2017

Easter Blessings

In the evening twilight, the light of candles flicker as churches gather together in Vigil and prayer as they await the Easter dawn. As the pastor  glides past aisles, moving… Read more Easter Blessings
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