Top 5 Tips for Sewing Perfect Chasuble Orphrey Bands

How often do you look through Church Vestment Catalogs or at Vestments online and think, “If only I could make a chasuble like that! It can’t be that difficult, but… Read more Top 5 Tips for Sewing Perfect Chasuble Orphrey Bands

Monastic Chasubles and Stole: A New Collection Pugin Style

There is a new project underway in the Ecclesiastical Sewing Workroom. Well, that is not quite true. There are multiple new projects in the works. Some days it seems like… Read more Monastic Chasubles and Stole: A New Collection Pugin Style

Pugin – in an Orphrey Trim?

Pugin – just the mention of the name can be exciting. But many of you may not know who or what Pugin is.  We have talked about Augustus Welby Northmore… Read more Pugin – in an Orphrey Trim?

Black and Gold Vestments: Making a Chalice Veil

My children were laughing after Ash Wednesday Service. They loved the new vestments and heard all of the buzz throughout the evening.  Their comments afterwards went something like this, “Your… Read more Black and Gold Vestments: Making a Chalice Veil

Something to Share

This evening’s post will have a little something to share with those wishing to start an Ecclesiastical Embroidery Project.  This church embroidery design is from a Vintage Resource dating back… Read more Something to Share

New Books, New Information

New books are always a treat.  Yesterday, there were several new Ecclesiastical Embroidery books waiting, in their quaint wrappings, for me when I got home from work.  There is always a thrill of excitement and anticipation awaiting the opening of the box, removal of wrappings and taking that first peak and flip through of the pages. So last night, there were four books on the counter.  I would like to share a tidbit of one of them with you.  The book is entitled Design for Church Embroidery by R.A., Althea… Read more New Books, New Information
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