Favorite Things: Wakefield Ecclesiastical Fabric

A drastic change reared it’s head withe today’s weather. It was not a favorite thing, and so to not get caught up in the cold and windy and blustery day, one has to seek out their favorite things. It’s guaranteed to brighten the dreariest of dreary days. Finding favorite things for me is a simple task. I only need to look at an Ecclesiastical Fabric. The nearest one in site is Wakefield, and that vestment fabric is sure to bring a smile of joy!


Wakefield is a large scale Ecclesiastical fabric. Notice the golden accents which are used to create the lovely ogee design. To some, the shape looks more like a pineapple. While the fabric looks great from a distance, the true beauty is in the details.


Wakefield employs a number of design details with the combination of different thread tones, textures, and colors. The large size of this design is deceptive. One thinks at first it would be impossible to work with. Then over time the details slowly begin to unravel. The designs for a pattern in the mind on placement and cutting options.

For tonight, we will have to cut the topic of Wakefield short due to connections issues. Until next time.

Solo Dei Gloria

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