National Altar Guild Convention This Weekend

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Altar Guilds play an important roll in the life of the church. Some churches have small altar guilds while others have large guilds. Altar guilds serve many functions in the life of the church. They care for the flowers, linens, and vestments at a basic minimum. They may make the linens and vestments, set communion, and so much more.

Sometimes questions arise as to what is the best practice for using flowers, or what color vestments should be used at weddings or funerals. It is time to consult with experts. But where can one find experts on the care and keeping of altars. Help is available!

Did you know that there are larger bodies of altar guilds? One such group is the National Altar Guild.  The National Altar Guild is a wonderful resource for many things related to the caring of churches. On their website, you will find information such as:

  • The ministry of the altar guild
  • Running your altar guild
  • Wedding Guides

For the sacristy, there is information such as:

  • Observing Liturgical Traditions
  • Prayers
  • Care and Cleaning
  • Church Flowers
  • Needlework and sewing project
  • Workshops and resources
  • Book Review and more.

One important item happening at this very moment is the National Altar Guild’s Triennial Convention.   On Saturday, they have workshops on flowers and papyrus. Later in the week, there is a tour of painted churches in Texas. This is supposed to be a wonderful tour and I look forward to seeing photos.  The Convention runs through July 12. So while time is short for anyone to plan on attending, keep a watch out in case any photos get posted online.

So whether your church is small or large, remember to pray for those involved with the care and keeping of the Lord’s Altar. It is important to work that if often quietly done daily and weekly,  and often without anyone noticing what has been done.

Safe travels to all this weekend!



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