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Pastoral or Priest Stole Ends: Fringe and Tassels

Three of the Four Pentecost Stoles were completed last week on Ecclesiastical Sewing. What a relief that was, finishing up a project before heading off on back to back trips.  While the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom is quiet and enjoying a lull from the daily bustle of projects, it’s a great time to wrap up the ends of a project – literally!  That is, it’s time to wrap up stole ends.

Measuring for tassels on a Priest or Pastoral stole
Measuring for tassels on a Priest or Pastoral stole

Two of the Pentecost Stoles will be finished with tassel ends.  This is my favorite way of finishing stole ends – well almost my favorite way………..These is also a plain finish which looks great on a bold stole that can stand alone with no fuss or bother……………There is also the fringe end when a little softer touch might be called for (or for when no tassels are available).  There is a galloon edging for finishing stole ends………..and the list goes on and on and on. There really is no end to the possibilities when it comes to finishing stole ends.  But there are certain finishes that just look nice!

How stoles will look with Fringe end and tassel end
How stoles will look with Fringe end and tassel end

Tassels and fringe are two of the easiest and nicest finishes for stole ends. But there are a few tricks of the trade required for both.  For tassels, they must be spaced evenly. I have found using a button-hole marker works perfectly. Determine the number of tassels, and the desired distance needed from each end, then mark and pin tassels in place for sewing. Tassels have a small cord or loop at the upper edge.  Attach the tassel cord, keeping spacing even.  Tack the cord in place on the back side of the stole, making sure that all tassels will hang an even distance from the lower edge of the stole. In the above photo, the gold tassels are a rayon blend, but these were changed out for metallic gold tassels as one can see in the photo below.

Stole with Fed and Gold Metallic Tassels
Stole with Red and Gold Metallic Tassels

The gold metallic tassels pick up the metallic look of the brocade fabric used as the base of the stole. Lovely! That was the all around response of those viewing this stole.

Finished Fringe on stole end
Finished Fringe on stole end

The Red Silk Dupioni Stole has a non-metallic fringe used on the lower edge. While a gold metallic fringe might look much nicer, there was none on hand, and no time to order.  So, using what was the only option, unless no fringe was used at all.  While it is not perfect, the overall effect will work, and stoles are seen from a distance as a whole. The gold fringe will work.

Lining finished over fringe on stole end
Lining finished over fringe on stole end

As I look at examples of old stoles on my travels over the past two weeks, it becomes obvious that there are endless ways of applying and finishing the ends of stoles with fringe.  Fringe can be place a “fringe depth” from the lower edge.  (ie: the top of a 2″ fringe is 2″ above the hemline). This placement provides a bit of support for the fringe, which helps keep the ends neater over time. Fringe may be place so half is on the fabric, and half is off the fabric. Fringe may also be placed at the very edge of the fabric.  The above photo is the way I prefer to finish the ends of the fringe, tucking them behind the lining, having everything look neat and tidy. This is also the way many old stoles are finished when using fringe on the end.

Stole with Sword of the Spirit Embroidery and Metallic Tassels
Stole with Sword of the Spirit Embroidery and Metallic Tassels

This is the third and final stole that has a brocade orphrey at the stole end and the red and gold metallic tassels as a finish. Two of the three Pentecost stoles had tassels at the ends, and one had fringe.  And there I will leave you for this evening. May all of your stoles have happy endings.

Solo Dei Gloria

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