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Three New Latin Mass Chasuble Patterns

Latin Mass Chasuble Sewing Patterns Church Vestment sewing pattersn Ecclesiastical Sewing Priest Vestments Traditional Priest Vestments

This has been ages in coming. We get requests constantly for traditional Latin Mass Vestments. Churches and priests wish to have someone create unique vestments that reflect a more traditional style of worship. They want something that is beautiful. And we have been working on meeting those requests.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have added three new church vestment sewing patterns to our line of vestment patterns. The patterns are designs from vintage church vestment styles. Each is just a bit different – either in the neckline or the trim placement. Yet each is something we feel priests and churches will enjoy.

Tau Cross Chasuble with Deep V-neckline trim Chasuble pattern CHurch vestment pattern Sewing pattern Ecclesiastical seiwng priest vestments traditional priest vestment patterns latin mass vestment patterns Fiddleback pattern

The first Latin Mass Chasuble pattern is the V-neck trim pattern. The chasuble front has a Tau cross placement. This design can be created either using a trim, or contrasting fabric and trim. The neckline has a slight space between the two yoke pieces attach to the front. The front has a graceful side curve that does not become too narrow. The pattern includes a placement mark for adding a twill tape tie inside the chasuble.

Latin mass chasuble sewing pattern church vestment pattern priest vestment pattern Ecclesiastical Sewing

Latin Mass Chasuble Number Two has a beautiful cross design on the chasuble back. The cross and column orphrey may be created with trim or a combination of trim and contrasting fabric. The front yoke is narrow and spaced further apart as they join to the front panel.

Latin Mass Chasuble pattner with Maniple and stole latin mass pattern set priest vestment sewing patterns traditional priest vestments church vestment  patterns maniple sewing pattern priest stole sewing pattern Ecclesiastical Sewing

The third Latin Mass Chasuble pattern is a set. This pattern includes the chasuble, stole, and maniple. This is a very traditional style pattern with the shorter priest stole that fits below the chasuble. The chasuble has the deep V-neckline trim with a column orphrey. The design can be created with trim, or contrasting fabric and trim. The chasuble front is very graceful. The yoke pieces come together at a point. The chasuble has a slight drop shoulder. The stole and maniple are edged with trim on all sides.

Head over to our pattern page to check out the patterns. At the moment, we do not yet have fabric or trim yardage listed for the patterns. Each chasuble that is made is unique and different. The chasuble reflects the taste of the priest who will be wearing it. The best way to determine yardage is the review the pattern and think about the trim and the sizes you would like to use. Then measure around the various trim placement lines to get to determine yardage.

We will have more information regarding the patterns in time, but based on requests from our expert vestment making customers, they need the patterns now. For those just starting out, take some time to study the pattern, look at antique vestments online to see how they are made for inspiration, and take it slow. After all, vestment making is a journey to be enjoyed. And we hope you will enjoy the new patterns.


Sole Deo Gloria


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