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Wish Lists Royal School of Needlework Style

Wish lists, bucket lists, things our hearts desire…………We all have hopes and dreams that someday we would like to do______________ (fill in the blank). As an admirer of the fine art of Ecclesiastical Embroidery and Church Vestment making, attending the Royal School of Needlework and or traveling to the United Kingdom has been on my “wish list” for many years. And sadly, it will stay on the bottom of the wish list for the foreseeable future…. Sigh! This year, there was a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, I might get a taste of The Royal School of Needlework since they coming Stateside at the end of April. There was the potential that the dates would conflict with college graduation, but the hopes and prayers were fervent. The dates would be close. And finally, the long-awaited email arrived stating the dates and course schedules which fell right in the middle of graduation. But college graduation and family always take priority. So back to the depths of the list goes the Royal School of Needlework classes for another year.

As sad as it might seem to be missing out on attending the Royal School of needlework, there is a silver lining. While checking out the course schedules at the Royal School, I always like to take a peek at their online store. There were a few new items and a few items that had also been on the wish list for a while, and so, it was time to move those items off the wish list.

For Worship and Glory RSN
For Worship and Glory RSN

A few weeks back, I had posted about the Royal School of Needlework’s Exhibit entitled “For Worship and Glory” which was being held at one of the lovely Cathedrals.  While searching for the title, Handbook of Embroidery, the exhibition catalog was there and waiting to jump into my shopping cart. After all, who could resist the lovely image on the cover of one of the infamous panels from the Litany of Loreto Embroideries? “Not I!” I said to myself.  How much could shipping cost for a few small books coming from overseas?  Then the little package of postcard caught my eye.

Post Cards of Litany of Loreto Embroideries
Post Cards of Litany of Loreto Embroideries

The next glance was over in embroidery supplies, and the pounce powder was the next item on the list. Last but not least were tow small embroidery tools, which I hope to put to use soon. We will try to take a close look at some of these Ecclesiastical Embroidery and hand embroidery items in the next few days. There is a bit of history to share along with so much more. Until then,

Solo Dei Gloria

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