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The Color of a Stole Kit

When considering a fabric for any ecclesiastical project, the first order of business is knowing which color is needed for which season. First: have your desired season in mind. Then know the color variations and choose a fitting shade. Pretty straight forward.

Our stole kits are available in both silk dupioni and various brocades. So there is a wide selection of materials and within those material options there are many color shades.

But let me lay it out for you in a simpler manner.

*The plan is to add more colors in the future.

**Custom colors can be ordered. Contact us according to your need and we will find the perfect shade for you!


As you can see, we have any possible color and are even able to provide custom shades in silk dupioni if you have a very specific color in mind. These are all the face fabrics and their colors in a quick reference. If there is a brocade from our website that is NOT listed as a stole kit, always contact us! We are probably able to customize a stole kit for you. Remember, a stole kit is pre-cut lengths of lining, canvas, and face fabric. Stay tuned to keep learning EVERYTHING there is to know about stole making and stole kits! #StoleKitFrenzy

~Nihil Sine Deo~

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