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What Else Does a Stole Kit Need?

So you already know that a stole kit, by definition, is a pre-cut length of face fabric, canvas interfacing, and lining. But what else is needed?

There are items that are absolutely necessary for finishing a stole and there are items that are optional. The necessary items include but are not limited to: patterns, instructions, sewing pins, scissors, sewing machine, needle for hand sewing, and appropriate thread colors.

The optional items include the trims and notions that are used to make a specific stole. Which trims and notions do you need? Well the answer to that question depends on you and your goals for your finished stole. If you wanted an un-ornamented stole that draws the viewers’ focus solely on the beauty of the fabric, then you only need the stole kit!

There are other items that can be purchased or made to ornament a stole. These would be:

  • Fabric Orphreys—these are other complimenting fabrics and colors
  • Embroidered orphreys—these are orphrey bands that have been embroidered
  • Embroidery—this is referring to machine embroidery directly onto the face fabric
  • Trim—this can be used with or without orphreys and embroideries
  • Orphrey trim—Pugin trim for example
  • Tassels
  • Fringe
  • Appliques—we like iron on appliques that are then hand sewn onto the fabric. There can be other kinds, such as an embroidery that is trimmed and applied.

These are the major ideas. Honestly your brain, hands, and pocket book are the only limitations to what you can do to a stole. There are fun options such as vinyl cutters, fabric printers, be-dazzling, sequin guns, ribbon, rick-rack, and the list is limitless.


Now! Something we are very passionate about at Ecclesiastical Sewing; we have said it before and will say it again:  always, ALWAYS, run a proposal by your priest or pastor. I get it, some clergy do not have a clue on design and what looks good. Nonetheless, it is their church and they are educated in the Christian doctrines. So they will tell you if something is fitting to be used in the Lord’s House. They may not know which shades of violet complement each other, but they do know what is appropriate. When you have an idea of how you want to trim a stole, just as a courtesy to your priest or pastor and as a sign of the utmost respect—as is befitting their rank and status—ask first. If they give you the green light, then have fun with all the ways to decorate a stole! Thank you for reading; keep following along as we discuss stole making and stole kits. #StoleKitFrenzy

~Nihil Sine Deo~

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