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Why the 3.5″ Stole Pattern is Extra Special

As we talked about last post, there are two sizes of pre-cut material—face fabric, canvas, and lining—, but only one stole kit—Silk Dupioni—comes in both sizes online. Size “B” must be custom ordered in the other kits; all the other kits come in size “A” straight from the website.


Our 3.5” stole pattern is one of the two patterns that work with size “A” cut kits—that is all the kits. So the 3.5” pattern is a safe bet for stole making.

The 3.5” stole pattern is extra special. This versatile pattern can create a stole that is worn as a deacon stole and as a priest/pastor stole later. One pattern. One stole. Two ways to wear!

It is a bit narrower and this allows for the flexibility of use. Each of our stole patterns has the option for different lengths of hem, which is perfect for sewing for different heights. There are separate pieces in the pattern for face fabric, canvas interfacing, and lining. And finally, all of our patterns have been created by a professional pattern maker! At Ecclesiastical Sewing, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of products. To that end, we of course hired a professional to create all of our patterns.

So when you consider sewing a stole, we have stole kits and patterns readily available for you to start your project! Once you have the pattern, you can buy as many stole kits and trims as you need to make as many stoles as you need. Thank you for reading and learning more about stole making and stole kits. #StoleKitFrenzy

~Nihil Sine Deo~

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