Liturgical Fabrics

Liturgical fabrics. Just the mere thought of the word forms vivid images in our minds of rich, elegant, and often luxurious textiles use for the creation of church vestments and altar frontals. These special Ecclesiastical Fabrics, used for the making of pastoral stoles and chasubles, copes and miters, dalmatics and tunics, are often woven in intricate patterns, using special yarns of silks, rayons, and even threads of gold and silver.

Black and Gold Ecclesiastical Fabric Wakefield
Black and Gold Ecclesiastical Fabric Wakefield

We look at a stunning Liturgical Fabric, such as this pattern called Wakefield, and what does one see?  A fabric made with black and gold threads, with variations in the weave, which creates different textures on the surface. The pattern is complex with variations of a large ogee motif, surrounded by a floral border.

Flip the Fabric over and see the design in a new way
Flip the Fabric over and see the design in a new way

To complicate matters, Wakefield Brocatelle is completely reversible.  Yes! It can be used as a gold fabric with black accents, or as a black fabric with gold accents. As I was pondering how this process is completed, the following video magically appeared at just the right moment, and so, together, we can watch to process of making these truly remarkable Liturgical fabrics.

Soli Deo Gloria

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